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LORIJEN | Addiction Center

is a psychiatric clinic specialized in treating addiction. For more than 20 years Lorijen has been successfully applying various types of therapy to treating addiction and other psychiatric disorders. The clinic developed from the specialized psychiatric practice of the same name and was the first private practice offering addiction treatments in former Yugoslavia.

We are committed to providing complete and quality service to our patients, their families and important individuals in patient’s lives.

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Our team of professionals is led by mr. sci. dr. med. Jasmina Knežević-Tasić, one of the first experts in the field of addiction treatment in Serbia and a psychiatrist with more than 30 years of experience in practice. She is known for her application of INNOVATIVE practices in treating addiction and INTRODUCING an efficient method of detoxification and using medication that insures long-term and stable abstinence. Furthermore, dr. Knežević-Tasić is the FIRST in former Yugoslavia to SUCCESSFULLY APPLY the opioid receptor antagonist, Naltrexone, to treating addiction, as early as 1993. During the past few years, the benefits of Naltrexone therapy gained global recognition.

Dr. Knežević-Tasić dedicated years to her professional development in both America and Europe. She attended numerous psychiatric educational programs that provided her with broad and comprehensive understanding of addiction, also giving her professional credibility. She is one of the few doctors in the Balkan region that possesses extensive knowledge in fields of psychotherapy, psychiatry and pharmacotherapy, which allows her to comprehensively assess the patient’s condition and address all emerging issues.

Our team is comprised of renowned experts in the field of psychiatry and psychology, along with a highly qualified team of medical workers with years of practice.

Team of professionals at “Lorijen addiction center” has been successfully managing substance abuse rehabilitation, as well as treating addictions from heroine, alcohol, cocaine, marijuana, ecstasy other psychoactive substances, for more than two decades. We offer complete patient care by providing guidance through all the steps of the treatment. Such integral approach to treatment allows us to successfully treat both physical and psychological crises.

During the last couple of years, highly efficient treatment programs have been developed for behavioral addictions like problem gambling and internet addiction. Sci. dr. med Jasmina Knežević-Tasić is also in this field, one of the first in this region to offer the most comprehensive study of behavioral addictions.

By using a wide variety of methods we are able to adapt the treatment to individual needs of every patient, as well as to make personalized treatment plans that enable achieving long-term recovery. It should be noted that all treatment phases are carried out in the same facility.

Up to the present date, more than 7000 addicts sought help from “Lorijen addiction center”, of which most are maintaining stable abstinence for several years on and lead a healthy lifestyle.

„We are constantly searching for the most efficient medication, right words to say and most appropriate approaches to suppressing the need for drugs and once and for all overcoming that tyranny“

What does LORIJEN|Addiction Center offer:

  • diverse addiction treatments
  • most innovative approach and treatment practices
  • personalized treatment programs
  • integral approach to treatment
  • 24h patient care
  • most efficient methods for treating symptoms of withdrawal syndrome
  • abstinence maintenance through efficient pharmacotherapy
  • support through psychotherapy during the acute phase treatment
  • Skype therapy
  • treating addiction in patients suffering also from other psychiatric disorders (depression-social phobias-anxiety-psychosis etc. )
  • personality disorders’ treatment
  • multiple addiction treatment
  • high confidentiality
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Our mission

To demonstrate through our work that addiction can be successfully treated, like any other chronic disease.

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What do we treat?


Application of wide variety of methods allows us to create personalized treatment plans and achieve long-term recovery.

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We apply an holistic approach to treating addiction, meaning that we guide the patient through all stages of the treatment, in a single facility.

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