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Can drug addiction be cured?

Drug addiction is a chronic disease. Like other chronic diseases (diabetes, hypertension..) it can be successfully treated. It is possible for the addict to completely quit using drugs, recover both physically and mentally and live like he was never addicted, returning to previous everyday lifestyle.

By successful treatment it is meant that the patient is taught how to avoid withdrawal and how to constructively resolve everyday stressful situations and problems and not by taking alcohol, drugs or medication.

Thousands of our patients managed to maintain abstinence for years. Even if they relapse, these patients are taught to take immediate action and ask for help to stop with drug use and regain lost balance.

What can’t be cured?

The addict may never again use alcohol or drugs in a controlled manner.

The addict may never take the substance he became addicted to, but in case he does, the addict won’t be able to take it once and just stop. If the substance is consumed even once, use will continue every day, in same doses like before, like he never stopped in the first place. For example, a person that quit smoking may never again light a cigarette, but is unable to smoke only one cigarette with coffee. If the addict lights that first cigarette, in three days, he will return to consuming a whole box, even though he doesn’t want to.

In cases of long term addictions and/or risky drug uses, some of health consequences may pertain and require constant medical care.

What is unique about the treatment in Lorijen Addiction center?

Type of the treatment is different for everyone. Treatment programs are adapted to needs and capabilities of every patient. Based on the previous psychiatric assessment and conducted tests, a treatment program is made suiting the personality type of the patient, assuring highest probability of success, further mobilizing and developing his the addicts strengths. Read more about four steps of treatment thatare part of the SMART RECOVERY program.
Many patients, apart from addiction, suffer from other, psychiatric disorders (depression, social phobias, agoraphobia, phobias, personality disorders, psychosis) that were the cause of addiction or its consequence. To achieve successful treatment, these disorders are also diagnosed and treated in our facility.

Is isolating the addict necessary?

Keeping the addict away from tempting situations is definitely required (best done in hospital conditions) until withdrawal syndrome passes and the conditions for introducing blockers and other forms of protection are created. These medications allow the patient to continue living in his natural environment just after couple of weeks and to learn to identify and avoid risky situations, as well as develop healthier adaptation mechanisms. That includes also changing the social circle.

What is included in the treatment?

Much like with other chronic diseases, addiction treatment includes achieving abstinence, use of certain medication to maintain it, avoiding tempting situations and making lifestyle changes.

How important is family in treating addiction?

Person addicted to psychoactive substances can rarely save itself from the trap it fell into. That is why the support of family and close friends is of vital importance for successful treatment.  Read more about the importance of family in treating addiction.

Find out how family can directly help the addict through family therapy or by providing support for him through 4 steps of SMART RECOVERY program.

For more information or if you think that you or your loved one is in need of help, please contact us.

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Application of wide variety of methods allows us to create personalized treatment plans and achieve long-term recovery.

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