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Interested to work for us?

LORIJEN CENTER is constantly developing as a business by always being up to date with the latest trends
and by investing in education and professional development of its employees.

The success of a business does not only rely on good management, but also on right people at the right positions.

We are a small collective. Our goal is to maintain the family atmosphere, with focus on mutual support and collaboration between employees. We are not only passionate about helping people to return on the right path, but also about bringing out the professional best from our employees. We are guided by a principle that our employees should be enabled to enjoy the work they do, to feel that their opinions are heard, respected and acknowledged.

If you are interested to take the next step in your career and think you are able to meet our professional demands, we would be happy to read your CV and arrange a meeting.

You can send your CV to the following e-mail address: 

In case you have any further questions, please call:  +(381) 11 30 88 090  or write us +(381) 69 30 88 090

What do we treat?


Application of wide variety of methods allows us to create personalized treatment plans and achieve long-term recovery.

Our mission

To demonstrate through our work that addiction can be successfully treated, like any other chronic disease.

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