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How to recognize addiction?

In the adolescent period, when drug use usually starts, it is very difficult to distinguish typical adolescent behavior from first signs of drag abuse.

Behaviors that may indicate development of addiction

increased frequency of telephone conversations;,
need for isolation;
mood swings, extreme behaviors;
switching day and night cycle;
too much or too little sleep;
change of appetite;
weight loss;

and other…

However, special attention should be payed to all abrupt changes in appearance and behavior that are occuring for prolonged periods of time

For example sudden change of circle of friends i.e. spending time with individuals that he/she previously would never think of being friends with. Another good indicator is inexplicable spending or being in possession of large sums of money, as well as things disappearing around the house. Signs such as finding plastic bags with weed, rolling paper, pipes, bags of citric acid, eye drops, plastic tubes and cardboard rolls, pills and other should be a reason for serious concern. . Read which 6 signs indicate that addiction already developed.

The following forms of anti-social behavior imply that the addict has been struggling with this problem for some time already:

1. Frequent lying and deceptive behavior;
2. neglecting personal hygiene;
3. neglecting previous interests/education;
3. selling of personal belongings;
4. stealing;
5. begging for money;
6. robbing pharmacies/shops/newsagents;
7. prostitution;
8. dealing;
9. unauthorized production, processing and distribution of drugs;
10. smuggling;
11. falsifying drug prescriptions;


After determining the problem exists it is important to know how to motivate the patient to start with the treatment.


Motivation and willingness

When it comes to treating addiction the first thing that needs to be addressed is denial.

It is wrong to expect that a person addicted to alcohol drugsmedication, gamblinginternet and other will be able to cope on his its own, by being either strong willed or out of guilt.

The craving the addict feels for the substance i.e. to engage in the activity is stronger than any natural urge.

That is why, the most important and at the same time most difficult task is to motivate the patient to consent to treatment. There isn’t a universal solution to this problem, but recommendations can be given. It is important that apart from family members, also other significant individuals that have and influence on the patient take part in motivating the patient. The patient should be confronted openly with objective problems, picking a time when patient didn’t take a larger dose of the substance.

Support of family members is very important. It is not rare, that both family members and close individuals are also in denial of the problem, justifying the addict’s behavior and taking upon themselves to deal with the consequences of addiction, which only postpones the start of the treatment. It is necessary for all family members to confront the problem and take necessary steps towards dealing with it. Read more on how important is the family support in treating addiction.

The family and close friends need to stay persistent and to start with the treatment immediately after the patient gave his/hers consent.

In case you need help on how to motivate or advice on how to confront the patient with his/hers problem contact us.

Find out more about SMART RECOVERY program, i.e. integrative approach to addiction treatment, as well as why we consider it the best approach in treating addiction.

LORIJEN Center seeks to raise awareness about different types of addiction present among the young population through workshops and lectures held at schools, faculties, cultural institutions… We are constantly searching for new ways to raise awareness among young people and students of different age about different types of drugs, signs of addiction, as well as resulting consequences of drug abuse..

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