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I phase :: Detoxx

Lorijen Addiction center offers detoxification services on its premises. Detoxification is the first step in battling addiction and for the treatment to take effect, it is important that the patient passes all its phases (read more about SMART RECOVERY program).

Lorijen Addiction center offers clinical and ambulatory detoxification.

Clinical detoxification

Clinical detoxification is aimed at patients prone to relapses that need social isolation to overcome withdrawal. It is also meant for patients with a serious or complicated case of withdrawal syndrome that require medical care and hospitalization. During 7 days(or more) in a safe and supportive environment on semi-intensive care, the patient is helped to overcome the withdrawal syndrome with the least amount of discomfort and risk.

Ambulatory detoxification

This program is aimed at patients that suffer from mild to moderate withdrawal syndrome and already have the accountable associate in treatment and appropriate accommodation, so they are able to visit the hospital on a daily basis. The frequency and type of detox and withdrawal prevention therapy is individually suited to every patient’s needs. During the whole detoxification process, the team of professionals monitors, motivates and supports the patient in his efforts to achieve abstinence. Our team also guides, supports and advises associates in treatment on how to fulfill their role in treatment adequately and successfully.

Next phase of the treatment would be stabilizing the achieved state of abstinence, which can be achieved through following the next stage of SMART RECOVERY.

Several different approaches are included in the detoxification treatment:

  • Program for heroin addicts
  • Program for Trodon addicts
  • Program for alcoholics
  • Program for sedative/hypnotic substance addicts
  • Program for cocaine addicts
  • Program for patients addicted to several different substances
  • Program for patients with a dual diagnosis

What is included in clinical treatment?

Apart from detoxification treatment, clinical treatment of addiction includes various planned activities for patients to provide them with quality content during the day. Daily activities program is specially designed to reestablish order and structure in patient’s lives, disrupted by long-term substance abuse.

Psychoeducation is an integral part of clinical treatment that provides the patient with an insight into medical, psychological and inherited aspects of addiction, as well as with the course of the treatment and recovery. Work and art therapy is also included in the clinical treatment.

About Lorijen hospital:

Hospital capacity is 10 hospital beds. Patients are accommodated in bedrooms with 2 or 3 beds. Every room is equipped with a separate bathroom, TV, beds and night tables for patient’s personal belongings. The hospital also offers LUX package that provides a patient with privacy in a single room accommodation.

The team of professionals is at patient’s disposal 24h and the building is guarded by a security guard.

During free time, after concluding treatment activities, patients are allowed to spend time in the garden or common room, attend yoga and fitness classes, play chess or board games or go for a massage. The Provided meal plan includes breakfast, lunch and dinner (patient’s choice), based on fresh and healthy groceries. Meals can be modified to meet the requirements of patients on special dietary regimes.

The hospital’s was designed to create comfortable and relaxing atmosphere, complemented by our friendly staff, ready to assist patients with their problems.

What do we treat?


Application of wide variety of methods allows us to create personalized treatment plans and achieve long-term recovery.

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