Dr sci.med. Jasmina Knezevic - Tasic

Jasmina Knežević Tasić – founder and director

Psychotherapy - Addiction center - Psychiatrists

Psychiatriast and founder of psychiatric practice “Lorijen” and hospital “Lorijen hospital” specialized in treating addiction, with more than 30 of experience.

Diana Raketić – MD PhD

Psychotherapy - Addiction center - Psychiatrists

Psychiatry specialist , chief of staff for the department for addiction treatment in women, diagnostics and therapy

Tanja Petrović Hadžić – dr med.

Psychotherapy - Addiction center - Psychiatrists

Pschiatry specialist, member of Lorijen team for almost 10 years. Main field of interest are addiction diseases.

Branka Živanović – med.sestra

Addiction center

Her professional approach and care for patients assures patients parents that their children are left in good hands

Dragica Božić – med.sestra

Addiction center

Member of Lorijen hospital since its founding, involved in treatment of almost all 7000 patients treated in Lorijen hospital

Aleksandar Dečov- med.tehničar

Addiction center

Committed to his job and his patients. Always ready to provide assistance and meet any demands.

Jelena Tasić – Dipl.inž.arh.

Organizational consultants - Non-medical staff

Responsible for managing non-medical activities and staff, as well as in charge of visual appearance and identity of the hospital

Marjan Urban- med.tehničar

Addiction center

In charge of organizing daily activities for patients on clinical detoxification

Marina Kralj-Perić – Poslovni sekretar

Addiction center - Non-medical staff

21 years of experience in administration of commercial and personal banking services