Values and vision | Lorijen CenterLorijen Center Values and vision | Lorijen Center

Why Lorijen Addiction Centar


first in the region

most efficient treatment methods

quickest results

integral approach to treatment


20 years of experience in treating addiction


always up-to-date on the latest addiction treatment trends

family atmosphere of a small and selected collective

commitment to patient care

7000 satisfied patients

long-term abstinence after treatment

Our goals

Our goals/Our mission


To follow the latest trends and innovations in addiction treatment

To contribute to debunking the myth of addiction as “untreatable disease”

To demonstrate that addiction can be as efficiently treated as any other chronic disease such as high blood pressure

To constantly search for the most efficient medication, right words to say and most appropriate approaches to suppressing the need for drugs and once and for all overcoming that tyranny.

To help young people to regain control over their behavior and their lives. Help them get back up on their feet and continue their personal development. Help them discover meaning and beauty in setting the right goals and leading a healthy lifestyle.

To show and prove that mistakes can be corrected.

Our core values:

Our goals/Our mission



Flexibility and adjustability


Guaranteed confidentiality

Genuine commitment to every patient

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