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About Jasmina Knežević Tasić – founder and director

Jasmina Knežević-Tasić – MD PhD

is a psychiatriast and founder of psychiatric practice “Lorijen” and hospital “Lorijen hospital” specialized in treating addiction, with more than 30 years of experience. She previously worked in the Institute for Addiction, since its founding in 1987 until 1997, as Chief of staff at the Prevention Centre and Chief of staff of Intensive and Semi-Intensive care unit.
She was the first in the region to introduce opioid receptor blockers in 1993/94 to addiction therapy. Since 1997, she became known for introducing new and efficient methods of opiate detoxification.
Her work on addiction prevention started in 1993, while working as Chief of staff at the Centre for Prevention and Control of Addiction and meanwhile she developed many contemporary treatment programs. She continued her work as a vice president of a NGO “Step by step”, organization that has been successfully running up to this date and whose programs are accredited by the Ministry of Education.

Dr. Knežević-Tasić dedicated years to her professional development in both America and Europe. She attended numerous psychiatric educational programs that provided her with broad and comprehensive understanding of addiction, also providing her with professional credibility. For many years she was a member of ASAM – American Society of Addiction Medicine. She is also a joint member of the Group Analytic Society Belgrade (DGAB).
She obtained PhD and Master’s studies in Psychotherapy. Also, she successfully completed personal and group analytic psychotherapy courses. She is the final stages of defending her doctoral dissertation. She is currently attending a psychodynamic counselling course and in March 2016 she officially became a certified Analytic-Network Coach.

Dr Jasmina Knežević – Tasić wrote more than several books and articles. She is a coauthor of “Alcohol and drugs, illusion of reality” (2001). In collaboration with prof. dr. Borislav Đukanović, she published her book “Behavioral addiction in Serbia” in 2015. It was the first complete study done on behavioral addiction for Serbia. In 2016 she also published the book named “Behavioral addictions in Montenegro”.


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