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Jasmina knežević tasić

Jasmina Knežević Tasić

MD, PhD - Founder and CEO

Psychiatrist, psychotherapist, psychoanalyst

Jasmina Knežević Tasić, MD, PhD, is a psychiatrist and founder of the Specialist Psychiatric Clinic “Lorijen”, later Specialist Hospital “Lorien”, and today LORIJEN Center.

She is a doctor with 40 years experience in treating addiction. She worked at the Institute for substance abuse since its inception in 1987, until 1997, as Head of Centre for the Prevention, Head of the Intensive and Semi-Intensive Care Unit.

Work on the prevention of addiction, which began in 1993, as head of the Center for Prevention at the Institute for Addiction and the author of modern programs, continued to carry out as vice president of the NGO “Step by Step”, which is still very successful in the field, and whose programs are accredited by the Ministry of Education of Republic of Serbia.

She is continuously attending the most modern psychotherapeutic education in the USA and Europe. For many years she was an international member of ASAM, the American Association for Addictive Medicine. She is a member of the Group Analytic Society Belgrade (GAS-Belgrade).

Jasmina Knežević Tasić has a doctorate in medical sciences, is a psychoanalyst, group analyst and systems-psychodynamic organizational consultant.

She authored several books and articles. She is the co-author of the research and book “Alcohol and Drugs, The Illusion of Reality” (2001). Together with Borislav Đukanović, PhD, in 2015 she published “Behavioral Addictions in Serbia”, the first comprehensive study of behavioral addictions in our country. In 2016, they co-authored “Behavioral Addiction in Montenegro”.

Rarely you have the honor of talking to one of the experts in psychiatry – doctor Jasmina. A woman who was educated in America, who is an inexhaustible source of knowledge! This is a doctor I could talk to for 48 hours straight! And what more do you need? I also have objections, and that is that she doesn’t have a little more time to talk to me. However, I am aware I am not her only patient. I received so much smart advice from her, so useful for my profession (also medical) that I was impressed by it. Without a doubt our best psychiatrist!

I went through an agonizing situation that lasted for years. Even though I looked for help in various institutions, they seemed not to notice my problem. Nobody understood me, they didn’t even try to understand. It was only when I came to Lorijen that doctor Tasic, listening to my story, understood the magnitude of my problem. Not even my parents were aware of it! She managed to connect the dots, to see the essence of my problem. And finally someone managed to HELP me.

Dr. Jasmina helped me during the hardest time in my life. She was the only bright spot in the world that was collapsing.

At the end of 2014, I completed my treatment in Lorijen and I can say that it is the only clinic that seriously deals with the addiction issue in Serbia and beyond. In Lorijen I saw people from Slovenia, Croatia, Macedonia and other places… The staff are very nice and kind to everyone. Most importantly, they help everyone almost beyond their limits. Doctor Jasmina is very gentle and sensitive. When I hear her voice, I immediately feel better. I regularly go to psychotherapy session with her even now. And she is phenomenal: now I have managed to find a girlfriend and a great job. Everything is going well, there is hope for everyone who wants to be treated!

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