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Jasmina Knežević Tasić

MD, PhD - Founder and CEO

Psychiatrist, psychotherapist, psychoanalyst

Jasmina Knežević Tasić, MD, PhD, is a psychiatrist and founder of the Specialist Psychiatric Clinic “Lorijen”, later Specialist Hospital “Lorien”, and today LORIJEN Center.

She is a doctor with 40 years experience in treating addiction. She worked at the Institute for substance abuse since its inception in 1987, until 1997, as Head of Centre for the Prevention, Head of the Intensive and Semi-Intensive Care Unit.

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Diana Raketić


Psychiatrist, psychotherapist

Diana Raketić, a psychiatry specialist, received her medical education at the Medical Faculties in Zagreb and Belgrade. Since 2000, she has been employed as a psychiatry specialist at the Special Hospital for Addiction Diseases. She was chief of the Department for the Treatment of Addiction in Women, and then of the Sector for Diagnosis and Therapy of Chemical and Non-Chemical Addictions.

In April 2017, she defended her doctoral thesis “Type of addiction and the relationship of personality dimensions in women addicted to psychoactive substances” at the Medical Faculty, University of Belgrade. She completed personal analysis as well as numerous other educations, especially in group psychoanalysis. She is a member of the Republic Expert Commission for the Prevention and Control of Addiction Diseases at the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Serbia.

Diana Raketić, MD, PhD, has been working as a consultant doctor in our institution for more than 20 years.

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Dr. Diana Raketic is an excellent psychiatrist. When I see her, my day starts sunny! She has so much positive energy and she selflessly shares it with other colleagues and her patients. I sincerely admire and respect her very much. Everything she ever suggested to me I adopted and she never made a mistake!

Dr. Diana is a great authority and expert. What else is there to say about her but words of praise!

Milica Božovic


Milica Božović, MD, has been part of the LORIJEN team since 2018. From day one, she is fully committed to proving that addictions can be successfully treated.

Her experience in public health working with addicts contributes to the number of stabilised patients that have completed some form of treatment at our Centre.

Milica Božović’s interests lie in family psychotherapy and cognitive-behavioural therapy, for which she strongly believes helps in treating addiction.

Milica’s cheerfulness and positive spirit give strength and energy to clients and treatment sponsors, as well as to other team members at LORIJEN Center.

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Pavle Milošević


Pavle Milošević is graduate psychologist, psychotherapy supervisee, trainee in group analysis, certified systems-psychodynamic organizational consultant. He is certified for hosting “Reflective Citizens” workshops.

He approaches clients with great enthusiasm, which is contagious to our entire team as well. Pavle‘s psychoanalytic mind and listening ability help him get to the heart of the issue for each client.

Pavle Milošević has many years of experience in leading and facilitating applied groups, teams and organizations.

What also helps him in his work are his experience in private practice and in clinical work with groups.

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Jelena Tasić Plećaš

manager and psychodynamic coach

Responsible for all non-medical work, strategy and development of treatment programs, as well as organising of work and employee relations. The interior design and visual identity of LORIJEN Centre also fall within scope of her tasks. Among other things, she is also responsible for marketing and branding of LORIJEN.

Based on her many years of experience as a hospital manager, she wrote the study “Organization in crisis–the impact of working with difficult patients on the psychodynamics of the organization.”

She is a certified system-psychodynamic organizational consultant and Analytic-Network coach. She completed an introductory course in group psychoanalysis, and has many years of experience in group dynamics. She is a member of ISPSO–International Association for Psychoanalytic Studies of Organizations.

Ambitious by nature, she is constantly improving herself by attending numerous international conferences on the topic of group dynamics and leadership, various coaching trainings and trainings on various aspects of systems-psychodynamic consulting.

Her mentors are big names in the world of psychodynamics of organizations and leadership such as James Krantz, PhD, Dr. Christopher Scanlon, PhD, Simon Western, PhD, Marina Mojović, MD, DmedSc, and Jelica Satarić, MD.

In addition to working in the Centre, she runs a private consulting practice, working with organizations in crisis and individuals.

She is a master engineer of architecture by profession.

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Branka Živanović


Before she became part of our team, Branka Živanović worked at “Dr Dragisa Misovic” hospital for 26 years. She has been with LORIJEN since 2008. Nurse Branka is wholeheartedly dedicated to her work.

With his professionalism and care, she instills confidence in the parents of the clients that their children are in the right hands. She is kind and strict to clients, but full of care and tenderness.

This creates a feeling of homey, family atmosphere, which is why clients easily get attached to her.

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Aleksandar Dečov

medical technician

Medical technician Aleksandar has been working at LORIJEN since 2009. He is dedicated to his work and our clients, always ready to help and meet any request. His professionalism with addiction diseases is reflected in the fact that he responded to every challenge, every unexpected condition or problem quickly, skillfully and with maximum attention and professionalism.

Patients identify with his youthful spirit, love his immediacy and nonchalance.

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Marina Kralj Perić


Marina Kralj Perić lived in Canada for 21 years. She has worked in the bank for many years, from administration through commercial services to providing all banking services to individual clients. After that, she was employed for 10 years in a company that manufactured and serviced computers and computer equipment. She performed administrative, bookkeeping and financial affairs.

Since 2007, he has been completing the LORIJEN team with his cheerful spirit, honesty and professionalism.

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