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Main mission of LORIJEN Center

From the moment a client asks for our help, the main mission of our team is to provide them with a complete treatment, with the sole purpose of having them leave LORIJEN CENTER a healthy person.

“The expert team at LORIJEN CENTER is in constant search for the most effective medicine, the right words and appropriate actions that will help suppress the craving for drugs and defeat that tyranny once and for all.”

Jasmina Knežević Tasić, MD, PhD
psychiatrist, psychoanalyat and psychotherapist
founder and CEO of LORIJEN CENTER

No career is immune to alcohol or drugs

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Continuous training in the United States and Europe, as well as psychotherapeutic education in the country and abroad, give our expert team breadth, comprehensiveness, and credibility when it comes to treating addiction.

Jasmina Knežević Tasić, MD, PhD, successfully pioneered application of Naltrexone blockers in our region. Her name is associated with the introduction of an ultra-fast detox that results in a long term and stable abstinence.

Based on 40 years of experience, Jasmina Knežević Tasić, doctor of medical science, found a mathematical formula for calculating the degree of probability and the number of years of abstinence in patients during and after treatment.

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We offer the patient full care and nursing, guiding them through all the steps of treatment. From detoxification and establishing stable abstinence (with the help of LORIJEN FAST Recovery intensive treatment program) to improving life skills through psychotherapy, EMDR and business coaching.

Our team is recognized for its high-level expertise in psychotherapy, psychiatry and pharmacotherapy, allowing us to have a complete picture so that we could fully cover each client‘s condition. Headed by Jasmina Knežević Tasić, MD, DmedSc, our team consists of top experts in the fields of psychiatry, psychotherapy, psychology and psychodynamic business consulting.

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Healing cannot and is not the same for everyone.

The LORIJEN FAST Recovery program is a unique and innovative treatment program that is flexible and adapts to each client’s individual needs and abilities.

Decades of experience have taught us that the ultimate cessation of drug or alcohol use, i.e. addictive behaviors, IS possible, but with an emphasis on going through all the phases of treatment LORIJEN FAST Recovery offers.

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Comprehensive and 100% adaptive addiction treatment program, unique in the region.


Loss of control over our behavior is what defines the concept of addiction. What you should pay special attention to are all the sudden changes in appearance and behavior that last for a long time.

Examples of behaviors that indicate the existence of addiction are: frequent secret telephone conversations, the need for solitude, sudden changes and extremes in behavior, too much or too little sleep, paleness, change in appetite, weight loss etc.

The following forms of anti-social behavior imply that the addict has been struggling addiction for some time already:

  1. frequent lying and deceptive behavior
  2. neglecting personal hygiene
  3. neglecting previous interests/education
  4. selling of personal belongings
  5. stealing
  6. begging for money
  7. robbing pharmacies/shops/newsagents
  8. prostitution
  9. dealing
  10. unauthorized production, processing and
  11. distribution of drugs
  12. smuggling
  13. falsifying drug prescriptions.

Through open conversation, confront the addict with their issue. Choose the moment when the patient is not very high. In addition to the family, include in this conversation all the people who have an impact on them.

It is wrong to expect that a person who is addicted to alcohol, drugs, drugs, the Internet can get rid of an addiction only on their own by willpower or out of conscience. The craving for the substance is stronger than any instinctive need.

If you need help in motivating the patient, schedule a consultation by calling +381 69 30 88 090 (mobile, WhatsApp / Viber) or email us at: addiction@lorijen.center

The most important thing is that the family and people close to the addict are consistent and that the treatment starts immediately after the confirmation from the patient is received.

Drug addiction is a chronic disease. Like other chronic diseases (diabetes, hypertension…) it can be treated with a lot of success. Addicts can completely stop taking the drug, recover both physically and mentally, and function as if they have never taken the drug. They can return to normal life.

Successful treatment means that the addict learns how to avoid relapses and how to solve common life problems and stresses constructively, and not by taking alcohol, drugs or medications.
For this reason, we insist on clients going through all phases of treatment within our FAST Recovery program.

Thousands of our patients managed to maintain long-term abstinence. If a relapse does occur, these patients respond immediately, seeking help to stop taking the drug again and regain the lost balance.

However, to find out what cannot be changed or cured, read in this text by clicking here.

An addict can hardly go through the whole treatment process on his own. The role of treatment sponsors is very important for the whole process and outcome of treatment. In order to establish stable abstinence as soon as possible, as well as to maintain it, it is necessary to have the constant support of the sponsors. It is necessary for them to get acquainted with the disease of addiction, so they can recognize the crisis and support the addict during the treatment process. For that reason, it is advised that sponsors be present from the first evaluation onwards.

The FAST Recovery program involves the active participation and education of treatment sponsors, but to a lesser extent than when it comes to the client.

Should you need help, schedule a consultation  by calling +381 69 30 88 090 (mobile, WhatsApp / Viber) or send us an email to: addiction@lorijen.center

FAST Recovery program has 3 steps:

  1. Evaluation
  2. DETOX program
  3. SMART program

The FAST Recovery program lasts up to 12 weeks, depending on the client’s condition and their availability for frequent visits during the week. At the evaluation, the client and sponsors receive a detailed FAST Recovery treatment program schedule.

Depending on the psycho-physical condition of the client and the type of addiction, the DETOX program can last 5, 7 or more days. The SMART program includes a number of specially designed sessions that can take place online or live. The duration depends on the frequency of the client’s visits, with a maximum of 8 weeks.

The cost of the FAST Recovery program depends on the type of addiction, the frequency of visits and the length of treatment.

At the evaluation you get a detailed program schedule of the FAST Recovery program. Each step within the FAST Recovery program (first examination, DETOX program, SMART program) is paid separately and in advance. There is no refund once a treatment has started.

The price of the first examination is 70 euros, and with Jasmina Knežević Tasić, MD DmedSc, is 80 euros.
The price of consultations for treatment sponsors is 60 euros.

For more info and to book your first appointment contact us at: +381 69 30 88 090 (mobile, WhatsApp / Viber) or addiction@lorijen.center

The support of family and friends is necessary in the treatment of all addictions.

It may sound paradoxical, but family members often, consciously or unconsciously, support their member’s addiction. Most often by taking on the responsibilities and obligations that belong to the addict, thus protecting them from the consequences of their actions. Often, family members and people who are close to an addict deny the problem, justify their behavior and take on the consequences of addiction. This can only delay or derail the treatment.

It is necessary for all family members to face the problem and to take meaningful steps towards solving it. To teach them how to provide adequate support to the addict, we involve family and other treatment sponsors actively in our FAST Recovery treatment program. Treatment sponsors are thus able to recognize when the crisis and ways of overcoming it.

In case you need help motivating an addict for treatment, schedule a consultation by calling +381 69 30 88 090 (mobile, WhatsApp / Viber) or send us an email to: addiction@lorijen.center

After the intensive FAST Recovery phase of treatment, the client enters the rehabilitation phase.

At this stage, they still maintain abstinence with the intensive support of important people in their environment and learn to build a network of healthy relationships. The main goal of treatment at this stage is to not only to prevent relapse, but also social reintegration.

This phase takes place through individual and group work, both by the patient and the treatment sponsors. This phase of treatment lasts at least 6 months.

Yes. Uniqueness of treatment programs at the LORIJEN ADDICTION Center lies in the timely and customized approach to each individual patient. This means that our expert team, consisting of excellent psychiatrists, psychologists, psychotherapists and psychodynamic business coaches, closely monitor client’s condition and therefore adjust the approach by applying a certain psychotherapeutic modality.

You can see what types and modalities of psychotherapeutic support LORIJEN Center offers by clicking here.

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Jasmina Knežević Tasić
MD, PhD – Founder and CEO
Psychiatrist, psychotherapist, psychoanalyst
Diana Raketić
Psychiatrist, psychotherapist
Milica Božovic
Jelena Tasić Plećaš
Manager and psychodynamic coach
Branka Živanović
Aleksandar Dečov
Medical technician
Marina Kralj Perić

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