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Change what disrupts your everyday life in a short time – using EMDR therapy!

Can you imagine no longer being haunted by unpleasant feelings and reacting better in most situations in life?


Inventive EMDR psychotherapy affects our brains directly in order for it to automatically help us overcome intense unpleasant emotions.

What is EMDR therapy


EMRD therapy not just helps revive and reprocess memories of past traumas and the emotions caused by them, but also corrects negative images of ourselves created at the time.

What are the benefits of EMDR therapy?


Most forms of psychotherapy make use of conversation, for which the frontal areas of the brain are used. However, our memories of traumas are stored in the part of the brain which is hard to access by conversation.

This is why it is necessary to focus on the bodily aspects, which makes EMDR a very powerful kind of intervention. Numerous studies have shown that:

EMDR psychotherapy will invariably effect changes in the brain chemistry, which remove or mitigate the harm inflicted by trauma or acute stress.

This new form of psychotherapy helps us eliminate the everyday symptoms and emotional upset resulting from our disturbing past experiences which lead to low self-esteem, a feeling of helplessness, and other problems prompting people to go into psychotherapy.

This innovative method was developed by Francine Shapiro in 1987 in the United States to help treat emotional problems related to surviving trauma. It is very popular because of its fast and strong action.

EMDR is used by:

The World Health Organization
The American Psychiatric Association
The US Ministry of Defence

Who is EMDR therapy for?

EMDR is an efficient form of psychotherapy for anyone struggling with:


Psychological problems

Emotional problems


Research has shown that trauma is one of the principal risks for developing addiction, which his why Jasmina Knežević Tasić, MD, DMedSc, uses this form of psychotherapy at Lorijen as an efficient additional means of helping those struggling with various types of addiction.

How does EMDR therapy work?

1. To put it simply: it “reprogrammes” our memory, i.e. reprocesses it.

2. Memory processing happens during the REM sleep, characterised by rapid eye movements. In this phase we dream, which is also a part of the processing cycle.

3. EMRD method dominantly focuses on those rapid eye movements.

4. This type of therapy does not focus on current events as much as on memories of traumatic events. Such memories are rarely conscious and coherent, usually are scarce and fragmented. It is not possible to think of them freely.

5. Such memories are usually detached from our memory networks, but the body “remembers” them.

6. That is the reason why a person with traumatic experience continues to feel tense, as if in constant danger.

7. Further psychological development does not occur normally, but causes numerous physical and psychological problems.

8. EMDR therapy helps us access traumatic memories and other unpleasant life experiences in our brain (hippocampus) and process them in such as a way as to cope better with them each successive time.

9. During an EMDR session, with the expert support of Jasmina Knežević Tasić, MD, PhD, the client accesses emotionally distressing content while at the same time focusing on external stimuli.

10. Once EMDR therapy is successfully completed, we have overcome unpleasant emotions, reformulated our negative beliefs, and improved the way in which our brain responds to the world around us.

11. New associations are developed for everything that happens to us because our brain processes information from the outside world in a new way.

12. As a result, we get new cognitive insights and a new learning, and alleviate and overcome emotional distress.

Self-image and our notion of own value are improved, as well as inadequate reactions in a number of life situations.

The advantages of EMDR
over other forms of psychotherapy


Research and our experience at LORIJEN show that EMDR is effective after only a few sessions.


By applying EMDR, we focus on situations from the past and present that revive negative emotions and beliefs – and in doing so, change them.


EMDR therapy acts on the body, affecting our brain directly in order for it to automatically free us from intense unpleasant emotions.

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Jasmina Knežević Tasić

MD, PhD - Founder and CEO
Psychiatrist, psychotherapist, psychoanalyst

Based on following global trends, her decades-long experience in psychotherapy and working with addicts, Dr. Jasmina introduces EMDR therapy as one of the most effective ways to support our clients.

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