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REBT psychotherapy (rational emotive behavior therapy) is based on the idea of ​​the Greek philosopher Epictetus according to which people are not disturbed by events themselves, but by their view of those events. According to this type of psychotherapy, our opinions and feelings are strongly connected and are in constant interaction. How we feel depends on the way we think.

If a person wants to change emotions, the essence is to change their way of thinking.

We can think about certain events in an irrational way, which creates unpleasant emotions. For example, a situation occurs where Marc, the boy Maya is in love with, does not respond to her text message. If Maya thinks she is unattractive and uninteresting, she can interpret this non-response to the message as a confirmation of such an attitude. If situations like this recur, Maya may become increasingly depressed, communicate less with her friends, and shut herself in. It can create anxiety when talking to other people. She can develop a problem in public appearances because she thinks that everyone, like Marc, shares the opinion that she is uninteresting.

When it comes to REBT psychotherapy, experience shows that it helps with various psychological difficulties. In particular, REBT psychotherapy is actively working on discovering irrational beliefs that perpetuate an existing mental problem. In order to oppose those beliefs. Because…

Automatic preconceived thoughts such as “I’m not beautiful enough”, “No one can love me”, “I’m different”, “I’m a loser” do shape our behavior, mood and experience of ourselves.

The goal of REBT psychotherapy

The goal of REBT psychotherapy is to form and strengthen rational beliefs that will condition a positive image of oneself, as well as the experience of one’s own value. Over time, the person will begin to act accordingly. 

If a person realizes that they are frustrated and disturbed by their irrational beliefs and if they strongly oppose them, they can significantly improve their life and feel better.

People tend to sabotage themselves in a variety of ways. They do this most often by diminishing their sense of self-worth.

Who does REBT psychotherapy help?

The two main psychological challenges are changes in the perception of one’s own value and difficulties in tolerating discomfort. The emphasis is on developing emotional responsibility and raising tolerance for frustrations.

REBT psychotherapy encourages personal development and the concept of unconditional self-acceptance.

It also encourages reflection on one’s own thinking, strengthens logical reasoning and flexibility in reasoning. The goals are to develop the concept of personal responsibility and acceptance of reality.

A good relationship between the therapist and the client is a necessary but not a sufficient factor of change. The relationship between the therapist and the client is cooperative. In the sense that both the therapist and the client are active factors of change and are equal.

REBT psychotherapy is effective and structured. It is focused on a specific goal, and the effects are measurable. The effectiveness of REBT is empirically grounded.

The answer to the question of which psychotherapy is best is complex. REBT psychotherapy is one of the most effective methods of psychotherapy for problems such as:

  • self-doubt
  • panic attacks
  • generalized anxiety disorders
  • depression
  • anger and aggressive behavior
  • procrastination (postponement of tasks)
  • various phobias – e.g. fear of disease, of open space or place with a lot of people (agoraphobia), of crowds, of closed space
  • obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD)
  • posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  • hypochondria…

Where is REBT psychotherapy available

If you have a problem with depression, anxiety, panic attacks or accumulated anger with which you do not know what to do, there is a solution and it is one step away from you. Whether you need REBT psychotherapy online, you will find the support you need at the LORIJEN Center.

Through working with our psychotherapists and psychologists, you will learn how to help yourself. To solve these problems, we have dedicated a special online program based on REBT psychotherapy. If applied correctly, this program is effective and gives long-term results.

LORIJEN CENTER nurtures more than 25 years of tradition of successfully dealing with various problems of a psychological nature. Thanks to many years of experience in how psychotherapy is done, we have designed and continuously improved psychotherapy programs, and one of them relies on REBT psychotherapy. Our programs are recognizable by their integrative approach. They are flexible and maximally adapt to the needs and possibilities of patients.

For advice and to book an appointment, contact us at:

You can also call +381 69 30 88 090 or +381 69 30 88 091 (Viber/WhatsApp or mobile).


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